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Realtor’s Benefits with Lawyer’s Title and Escrow Services:

  • Contract upload on website or drop off
  • Travel to client for settlement, at request
  • On staff attorney
  • Single point of contact
  • Full service on every transaction
  • Timely and accurate title commitments
  • Superior communication
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff

Lawyer’s Title and Escrow Services is a full service title and real estate settlement provider that operates in the state of Maryland. At Lawyer’s Title and Escrow Services, the client is always our first priority.  We try and make it easy for the realtors to work with us in ordering title and getting to settlement. Order title through our website. It’s quick and easy. Just upload the contract and complete the questionnaire and we will do the rest.  

We also can travel to settlement, if needed. Just ask before settlement so we can travel to your buyer. Just let us know when you order your title and we will be happy to accommodate you and your client.

If any issues arise, we advise you immediately. There are no last minute surprises of title issues. We can even wire the real estate commission. You get your funds immediately.  

If you use our website to upload a title order, Lawyers Title & Escrow Services will provide a $100.00 credit to your client.  

If you represent a seller, we can overnight seller documents to your client, if they are out of state or out of town.  

Don’t forget: You may be able to save your buyer money on the title insurance premium if you obtain the title binder from the seller. Send us the binder and we can verify if your client can qualify for a discounted rate for title insurance. Remind your clients that funds need to be wired for settlement and to bring current photo identification for settlement.

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